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Standard Shapes in Glass Tile
This is any Square or Rectangular Glass Tile which come in Clear, Frosted, and Trough-Body Color. They come in solid colors as well as mixed or multi color options. Click image below to see more.


Mediterranean Series

Eye-catching colors, rustic elegance and recycled glass make Mediterranean an exceptional series, variations in shade, color and size! Due to the handmade character of this tile within each sheet should be expected. All tile in the Mediterranean series is comprised of between 30 and 70 percent glass from bottles and/or other waste pre-consumer and post-consumer glass that would otherwise have entered the solid waste stream.


Classico Series

Whether it is a commercial or residential, interior or exterior application, Classico Series 3/4" glass tile is as versatile and durable as it is beautiful. And with its wide palette range, you'll spend time designing, not compromising.


Turino Star Series

Turino Star Glass Tile is characterized by its rich, earth-to-sky toned colors and the gold-hued dust that shimmers and weaves randomly throughout each tile. Choose from a palette of translucent and opaque colors in beautiful, nature-inspired shades to bring a stylish and revitalizing look to a variety of surfaces. Subtle shade variations within each sheet are inherent as part of the character and unique beauty of this glass tile line.


Venetian Series

A garden of glass tile gems, featuring recycled glass! The Venetian Series adds a touch of light and air to any space. Like a vase of fresh flowers, this colorful tile rejuvenates its surroundings. The garden-inspired colors have a slight iridescent sheen, adding soft radiance to any application. The translucent and opaque tiles have delicate swirls of color throughout, giving them a beautiful blended look. All tile in the Venetian series is comprised of approximately 50 percent glass from bottles and/or other waste pre-consumer and post-consumer glass that would otherwise have entered the solid waste stream.


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